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Who Are We

We are a group of certified male & female coaches who were previously competitive swimmers during our younger days. Since young, we have been taught to swim with the proper and correct strokes so we were able to swim effortlessly.

Certification: Singapore Sports Council & Singapore Swimming Association (NCAP Theory & Technical Level)

Our Mission

To impart the correct stroke techniques and skills to all our students so that they can learn to swim within the shortest time span. Learn to swim with all the 6 strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Survival Backstroke, Side Kick) within the shortest time span and swim effortlessly. Be able to swim and survive on your own. Make learning swimming an Affordable Sport for all. To encourage the public mass to use swimming as a way of keeping fit and healthy and to make swimming the most popular spor t in Singapore. To make swimming a fun and enjoyable sport for all regardless of age and gender.

Fitness Champs “Learn to Swim Programmes” has been officially endorsed by the SINGAPORE SPORTS COUNCIL under the Sports Education Programme 2010 to 2017

Swimming coaches in Fitness Champs are all certified to conduct

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Our Swimming Lessons

At Fitness Champs, we make swimming a fun and unique experience that gives a lifetime of health and fitness benefits. Our swimming lessons in Singapore are available for both adults and children at any time of the year. Headed by a team of certified male and female coaches, our programs include weekly children’s, ladies-only and mixed adult swimming classes, life-saving courses, and more. Private and holiday intensive classes are also offered.

Our children swimming classes specifically cater to beginners 4 years old and above. All programs at Fitness Champs provide the essential techniques that will not only allow participants to stay safe in the water, but also pass the Swim Safer test criteria.

Our Swimming Programmes

From Day 1 when you join Fitness Champs, you have taken your 1st step towards learning to swim with our detailed and comprehensive programmes. As each of us has our own individual learning ability, Fitness Champs will be able to place you in a class where you will be able to learn with ease at your own pace. Understand and know what you are currently learning and look forward to the next level of challenge as stated in our swimming programmes. A 1-stop aquatic service centre where anyone of any age and gender can find a suitable swimming programme for him / her and obtain all information about swimming.